ENC is providing a single point of contact for all Arab world

ENC has a global presence and remote engineers over 18 Arab and African countries dedicated to supplying first class IT services to businesses of any type and size around the Arab world. This means organizations only need to partner with one company, even when operating in multiple locations across the Arab world. With true global capabilities, ENC global support services are accessible within any country across the Arab world,
ENC was the choice for many global support system integrators and Multinational clients, ENC has success stories with Multinational systems integrators In EGYPT, KSA, OMAN, Jerusalem, UAE, and Tunisia ENC has logistics Team in certain countries can provide turnkey solution like in (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Libya, Jordan) Countries we can cover Egypt , Saudi Arabia , UAE , Bahrain , Oman , Qatar , Kuwait , Lebanon , Iraq , Yemen , Sudan , philistine , Jordan , Libya , Algeria , Tunisia, Morocco , Ghana .