ENC Prof Services

PPDIOO and IT outsourcing is helping companies of all sizes to focus on their core business, without struggling to overcome constant technology related headaches. IT outsourcing is a low cost, deductible alternative to operating an in-house equivalent. ENC is Hiring and managing in-house IT staff has, for a long time, been a necessary and costly aspect of running a business. In recent years, however, with the cost of skilled IT services rising and collateral costs such as the ongoing expense of training staff to support new technology advances, the burden of having an IT department in-house has become far too cumbersome for many businesses. ENC outsourcing can greatly reduce cost and provide support only when needed. Outsourcing your IT not only helps save money, by allowing you to only pay for what you need, but it is considered to be a tax-friendly alternative as well.



We help our customers make sound financial decisions by developing a business case that establishes the financial justification for technology change. We will build a solid and consistent scope of work.


ENC will assess the existing environment to determine whether the solution meets your business and technical requirements. Detailed planning and design will ensure a consistent and successful deployment.


Development of a solid, detailed and implementation-ready design for your solution will reduce potential project scope issues and meet your business and technical requirements.


Enc will integrate the solution utilizing a well-planned and designed solution deployment plan, including complete network monitoring and management options.


Rest assured that a well-planned and developed transition from implementation to support services will provide an Operations Plan that helps monitor and maintain network health through day-to-day operations.


As a trusted advisor, we will periodically review new product and service offerings to help you achieve operational excellence through ongoing improvement of your system’s performance.


Resident Support Network Engineer Service

ENC resident support engineer offers you the on-site support expertise to help accelerate the time to value of your ENC solutions, free up overburdened staff and meet your network performance and security challenges. From initial deployment to ongoing management and day-to-day operation of your ENC solutions, your ENC resident support engineer can alleviate the time demands on your staff, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Helpdesk onsite support

ENC prof Services Network and help Desk engineers available for a rapid response should you need on-site assistance. Sometimes, technology problems cannot be addressed through a call to our IT help desk so we quickly escalate your call and deliver a qualified engineer to your site to fix the problem so that you can focus on your business. ENC on call support team is able to resolve issues such as workstation and printer failures, infections, cyber security attacks, Network and server problems. Based on this information, we develop a detailed and prioritized roadmap for the IT projects of your organization. It helps you to identify your competitive edge through IT and its services; you acquire a mechanism to measure and improve the outcome of the strategy while responsibilities and accountabilities for the achievement of results are also identified.

Global Field Engineer onsite support

ENC is in the field doing the global support long time ago, Our engineers doing the professional services and support since 10 years ago, ENC field support Engineers are fully equipment and tools, CCNA and CCNP level and few of them CCIE, fluent in English and local tongue, and some of them fluent in French, ENC is doing field support for Many Multinational system integrators and LOCAL banks and MULTINATIONAL clients in Egypt. You can depend on us on ENC global in professional Network and IT services in 18 country Professional services in 18 country EGYPT , KSA , UAE , Bahrain , Oman , Kuwait , Iraq , Yemen , Jordan , Palestine , Sudan , Lebanon , Mauritania , Libya , Algeria , Tunisia , morocco , Ghana (Turnkey solutions include logistic in Egypt, ksa, UAE, Jordan, Libya and Tunisia) We can offer the following (site survey, technical support and SLA support, new installation and configuration, helpdesk support, outsourcing

Global Professional site survey

ENC providing as services Network assessment and survey For WIRED OR WIRELESS Network The assessment include the following Network Review, Inventory Analysis, Wiring Assessment, Rack Diagram, WLAN Assessment and survey We will provide our customer at The END OF THE survey with complete report and heat map, Detailed processes, checklists, digital images and reports will support each onsite assessment.


ENC is one of the earliest and most well-established penetration testing companies, who have been consistently delivering quality projects for clients across the globe. Some of our long-standing customers include global industry leaders across banking, financial services, telecom, technology, dotcoms, oil & gas companies, and various government entities. We specialize in the whole spectrum of penetration testing capabilities – right from information gathering, foot-printing, vulnerability assessment, exploitation, and reporting. Penetration Testing constitutes that part of a security assessment exercise which attempts to simulate the techniques adopted by an attacker in compromising the target systems. Our penetration testing methodology is well aligned with established standards and practices, combined with our extensive experience..

ENC IT Human Resource Outsourcing

With over hundred of networking professionals joining our staff and training facilities , ENC is more than equipped to provide you with experts that will not just meet expectations and deliverables but ones that will redefine your expectations. ENC transforms HR service delivery with a comprehensive set of outsourcing services that dramatically reduce costs and improve organizational capabilities. As a premiere HR outsourcing services provider, we will develop with you a custom recruitment strategy, based on your company’s needs, business strategies, and the type of applicant needed. Our clients realize significant and sustainable performance improvement, and can focus on long-term business value such as talent acquisition and management and employee productivity. We enable you to save money, reduce risk and reallocate resources to concentrate on your core business.